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At The Milestone Academy, we offer high quality, practical CPD courses all designed to grow your business. Registered Architects in all states and territories across Australia can learn how to profitably grow their business practice and gain CPD Points online.

Profitable Finances for Architects

Knowing your numbers really is one of the biggest keys to ongoing financial success in business. If you’re an amazing Architect but don’t know how to budget your cashflow, sadly it will greatly affect how long and satisfied you are in running your dream business. But the great news is, we’ve made this super easy for you!

You’ll complete the program at your own pace in under 5 hours and walk away with your own personalised 12 month cash flow budget, confidence in how you are pricing yourself on each job, a profit goal and plan for the next 12 months. A simple and clear understanding of how to read your P&L finance reports and you’ll know to the dollar how much money you need to make every month just to cover your costs.


All this creates a quiet but strong confidence in yourself to ensure your business is around and profitable for a very long time!

Sales That Convert

Selling your services can sometimes be a daunting and intimidating experience. Some people are amazingly natural at it, most are not. But the great news is, regardless if you’re an extrovert or introverted personality we have an easy and successful process that works!


You’ll complete the program at your own pace in under 5 hours and walk away with a personalised Sales funnel process that you can follow and train new staff on too. You’ll learn what to ask when, how long you should spend with a client, how you can pick time wasters, how to read your client’s buying style and adjust your process to suit.


How to overcome objections, stand by your prices and close that sale! Having this funnel and implementing our tips creates a comfortable confidence with each sales prospect and an increase in conversions on the jobs you want to work on!

Hours Watched

Your Business Coach

Alison started as a business coach in 2005 as the first female and youngest coach in the industry.


Since 2005, (with a few years off having children) business coaching clients face to face, she launched ‘The Milestone Academy’ in 2018 that brings her quality and authentic coaching onto an affordable and accessible online platform.  

Course Structure

Practice Management 9.1 & 9.2

National Standard of Competency for Architects

9.1 Knowledge and implementation of appropriate practice model to ensure efficient, effective professional service. 9.2 Knowledge and application of practice resources required to ensure efficient and effective professional service.


Sales That Convert

Course Breakdown
Here we outline the course content and design so you see how each element of the course all works together. How to go through it so you get the best results and where to access extra coaching help if needed.

Here we start by establishing the fundamentals of your sales funnel, firstly I coach you through what a successful sales process should look like and then how to start a draft of your own. What are the essential elements, structure and what are the optional extras your industry may require. We then go through the best types of questions to ask your prospective clients at each stage of your funnel to build trust and rapport, establish their real needs and wants and weed out any time wasters quickly.

We teach you the 7 key factors you can watch and listen for during each sales call that tell you what that person’s buying style is, then how to adjust your questions and funnel steps to suit your customers buying style. We also teach you here how to manage selling to a couple or small group of people who all have different buying styles.

Did you know we communicate more through our body language than we do through our words? In this video we will coach you through how to read your customers body language and also how to hold your own, all aiming to build trust and rapport with your client to move onto the next step in your sales funnel.

The majority of sales interactions will have an objection at some point, here we teach you how to welcome them, how to confidently and clearly respond, and most importantly after doing so moving them onto the next step in the funnel.

In this video we go through what not to say and give you up to 10 different options of what to say to confidently close the sale. How to manage those final moments of signing your contract and eliminate any buyers remorse after. 

Now we add all the steps together and take them from a draft to a professional looking soft copy of your own personalised sales funnel. Final thoughts on overall sales funnels and how to best implement them with your team.

Time to do a quick check in that you have understood all the main key elements of a successful and effective sales process.

Profitable Finances

Course Breakdown

Here we outline the course content and design so you see how each element of the course all works together. How to go through it so you get the best results and where to access extra coaching help if needed.

Discover how to make sense of all those numbers and weird names next to them on your business finance reports. Here we give you a simple and effective way to understand how the report works, what it is trying to tell you and most important what areas you can change and adjust to improve the all important bottom profit line. 

There are many factors to include in how to price your products and services well, we teach you the easy calculation to work this out so you can confidently know what to set your prices at, what you can and can’t discount, when to do a price rise.

Cash is king and we want you to always have it! Here we coach you through how to easily budget your cashflow giving you confidence for the next 12 months of what money goes out, what comes in and the pattern you see over the course of the year in your industry.

Your break even figure is how much money you need to make to the dollar, every month just to cover your costs. In this video we also include a bonus where we set a profit goal, add this to your break even figure which gives you your new monthly sales target to aim for. 

Here we coach you through how to predict as much as possible future sales, how to set realistic yet still exciting goals, this is also coupled in with your profit goals and we show you how it ties together. In this video is also the completion of your personalised finance budget document that you get to keep and refer back to each month and year to ensure you keep your business always profitable!

Finding the right accountant is really essential for your business to continue its success, here we teach you what key elements to look out for and what to avoid. 

Time to do a quick check in that you have understood all the main key elements of how money moves in and around your business, where you can make the most effective changes to your profits. 


Loved the approachable, broken down way of viewing finances; particularly the concept of minor adjustments yielding potentially significant results.

Peter Ahern

director, buck & simple

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You will receive 1.5 Formal CPD points per course and up to 3 Informal CPD points per course depending on your time spent.


A completion certificate with 1.5 Formal CPD points will be digitally sent to you after passing the short quiz. The link for registering your informal points is inside the course portal. 

If you have any questions through the course you can either send the question in an email to ask@themilestoneacademy.com or click on the coaching calendar link inside the course portal to book a 15 minute zoom or phone call with a coach.


We’re here to help you at every stage and that’s why we have no limits to the amount of help calls you can make. 

You will have access to the online content for 12 months from the date of purchase but you keep your personalised cash flow budget plan and/or personalised sales funnel process forever. 

Our primary coaching product is the online courses however Alison does have a small number of 1:1 coaching clients.


If you would like to discuss a more bespoke 1:1 coaching program for your business, please email alison@themilestoneacademy.com and she’ll organise a zoom call to discuss your needs and goals further. 

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