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Milestone’s Business courses meet the following competencies as defined by the Architects Accreditation Council of Australia (AACA):

Practice Management Category 9

9.1 Knowledge and implementation of appropriate practice model to ensure efficient, effective professional service.

9.2 Knowledge and application of practice resources to ensure efficient and effective professional service.

CPD Points for Architects - Courses
At The Milestone Academy, we offer high quality, practical CPD courses all designed to grow your business. Registered Architects in all states and territories across Australia can learn how to profitably grow their business practice and gain CPD Points too.
See below for CPD Course options:

1. Profitable Finances for Architects

Knowing your numbers is an essential key to your business’ success! Discover how to manage your practice finances with confidence in this practical, easy to follow step by step online course. We’ll teach you how to read your Profit & Loss reports effectively, how your GP (Gross Profits) ensure you price each job profitably. You’ll complete the course with a personalised 12 month cashflow plan giving you clarity and more control on how money really moves around in your business.

This CPD course will provide 1.5 Formal CPD Points

2. Sales that convert for architects

How good is that feeling when the lead you’ve been working on signs on the dotted line! Discover how to win more work in this practical, step by step online sales course. We’ll teach you how to ask the right type of questions, earn trust and build rapport with each of the different buying styles. How and when to present your proposal, confidently overcome objections, price negotiations and most importantly how to close the sale with a win!

This CPD course will provide 1.5 Formal CPD Points

Recording Your CPD Points

Once each course is completed a digital certificate with 1.5 Formal CPD points will be automatically emailed to you. Each course requires approx 2-3 hours of offline work as you implement what you learn, which can be recorded as informal points. Please note our courses are designed to be step by step and you can do one video at a time or the whole lot in one go. It’s up to you the pace you set. Online help from our team is also available if needed. The document to record your informal points is available for download once inside the course training portal. Architects are required to keep record of their own CPD activities for a period of 5 years.

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