Small business sales course
How good is that feeling when the lead you’ve been working on signs on the dotted line! Discover how to win more work in this practical, step by step online sales course. We’ll teach you how to ask the right type of questions, earn trust and build rapport with each of the different buying styles. How and when to present your product or service, confidently overcome objections, price negotiations and most importantly how to close the sale with a win!

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☑️ How to develop and build trust with clients

☑️ What type of questions to ask to really understand what they want

☑️ How to read clients buying styles and body language then how to adjust your approach to present the right solution in a way that suits the customer best

☑️ How to overcome objections and handle price negotiations

☑️ How to ask for the sale and close it!

You’ll convert so many more sales calls with these skills put into practice.

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