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Starting or building up a new small business can an exciting yet daunting experience. It requires hard work, planning and proper technique. It can often be difficult to have your brand noticed amongst all the other noise out in the world – This is where The Milestone Academy can make a difference (as can our small business management courses online!).

Each one of our online small business courses is easy to follow and specially designed by leading Australian business coach Alison Billaud. Specially tailored to help educate, inspire and teach individuals and entrepreneurs alike offering small business operation tips and tricks; everything you need to know about how to effectively run your own small business.

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It takes more than just a good idea to make your small business a successful one. With so much that is involved in running a small business, knowing how to deal with everyday scenarios is key. These include a wide range of activities such as business planning and projections, cash flow, processes, managing staff, company finances and more.
Having the right skillsets and knowledge is key. That is where our small business management courses online come in.
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Knowing your numbers is the biggest key to the ongoing success for your business. Discover how to read a P&L statement, know what your true break even figure is, work out if you are pricing your products and services correctly, manage your cashflow and gain great confidence in how money moves around your business. Numbers are sexy when they look good!
Having simple and clear systems in place ensures your customers have consistency every time they deal with you. It ensures your delivery is as automated and profitable as possible. Here we cover how to systemise and simplify all your business operations starting with the most important, customer delivery.
How to sell in meetings, in a shop or online. How to sell high priced Vs lower priced items. How to overcome objections and secure the sale. Words, phrases, tone and body language all play a huge part in sales both online and in person. Here we teach you the most effective ways to increase your sales conversion rates.

What Makes small business courses So Important?

While it’s many people’s dream of running their own business, effective small business management on a day to day bases can be a stressful experience. Sure there are the perks of having the freedom to work any hours, picking who to work with, there is, unfortunately, a lot more to consider fo a small business owner before you can call yourself a successful business.
Across Australia, there are more than two million small businesses, each fighting for a piece of the success pie. Whether it is a cafe, a restaurant, builders, manufacturers, service based modalities or IT ventures, each business will have similar challenges to face including cash flow management, staff management to competing against other ambitious entrepreneurs.
That is why The Milestone Academy has carefully developed each small business management course online to be insightful, easy-to-follow and easy to digest. Each business management course will give you the skills and knowledge to help steer you one step closer to achieving your dream goal of running a successful small business.
Dream big – The possibilities are almost endless!

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m a Start Up. Does my business need to be operational before I can do this course?
Yes! Your business does need to be operational, trading and earning some money to complete each exercise activity properly. Ideally, you will have been trading for at least 12 months. All the activities are designed to be implemented one by one as you learn them into the existing daily operations of your business so you can see the results from them straight away.
How do I know if my business is at the right stage for this course?
The Milestone Courses are designed for businesses that have been trading for over one year and are turning over less than $1 Million per year. If you are in this range then continue on through, this course is designed just for you!
Do I Need To Buy Additional Resources?
No! The activities and exercises that you do during this course are specifically designed to be resourced from things you would already have in your business and household. One of our main goals within The Milestone Academy is to give the smaller business owners the same coaching quality as we would the larger business owners. So keeping your expenses at an affordable level is always at our forefront.
How much of my time is expected?
In total our courses should be completed within 4-5 hours this includes watching all videos and implementing it’s lessons, everything! Some people like to do it all in one go over a day or a weekend. Though I suggest giving this just one hour per week, schedule it in your diary and try and make it a regular activity you do. This one hour includes watching the videos, doing the exercises and implementing the lessons into your business. Some weeks you may do a bit more or less but overall one hour is all you’ll need to start seeing results quickly!
What if I need extra help on certain topics?
We have a great team of coaches who are all online ready to help you! You can send through an email anytime or you may select a personal phone call time to go through your questions one on one, links to both of these help options are at the start of every course inside our training portal.
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