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Knowing your numbers is an essential key to your business’ success! Discover how to manage your business finances with confidence in this practical, easy to follow step by step online course. We’ll teach you how to read your Profit & Loss reports effectively, how your GP (Gross Profits) ensure you price each job profitably. You’ll complete the course with a personalised 12 month cashflow plan giving you clarity and more control on how money really moves around in your business.

Follow this quick checklist to see if this finance course is right for you…

🔘 Do your personal expenses come out from your business bank account?

🔘 Do you transfer money regularly between business and personal accounts, excluding a set regular wage payment?
🔘 You’re not sure how much money (to the dollar) you need to make each week/month/year just to cover your costs?
🔘 You love doing final invoicing but hate reconciling
🔘 You price your products/services by comparing to your competitors
🔘 You work really hard but get surprised and deflated when you open your banking app and it shows a low balance
🔘 You’ve been in business for more than 2 years and not sure if there’s a real sales ‘pattern’ for you yet
🔘 You think you have a good accountant but you’re not sure what really makes a great one?
If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above then this course is for you!


☑️ Immediate access to online course content

☑️ As much online one on one support as you need

☑️ When complete, you’ll have confidence and control in your finances…

☑️ You’ll actually be excited to do your financials!

is all it takes…

From pressing play on the first video to implementing the work on the last! No fluff, just straight to the point practical lessons.

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